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Meditation is the practice of teaching us to be present in the here & now, achieving a relaxed state of being, to improve brain health & overall well-being & happiness!


Buddha lived in Ancient India. Born of noble birth, he renounced his upbringing after reaching an understanding of what keeps people trapped in cycles of unhappiness.

His teachings are based on simple insights, & the technique is called Vipassana.

The methods have been successfully taught for approx 3000 years.

The approach uses step-by-step meditative practices such as mindfulness in order to learn how to rise above our challenging day to day experiences. It provides us with greater peace, tranquility & a calmer way of accepting the things that worry us & cause us pain.


The practice of acceptance requires training & application over time.

BUT.......... at each tiny step we make, the benefits are immense!

Having completed a 10 day, 100 hour Vipassana training in 2019, which ended on the eve of the outbreak of COVID, I decided to design & write a course based on my extraordinary experiences & insights on the journey I had made. During this period of restriction & isolation, I offered it to many attendees nationally with enormous success.

I am thrilled to be doing so again, thereby making this teaching accessible to others! 


"After a series of Shiatsu treatments with you (having received the diagnosis of a prolapsed womb) I can honestly say my energy has increased and my overall symptoms have dramatically improved. I was determined to seek alternative health options and you have advised and treated me with great sensitivity. As well as spot on bodywork, you have supported my condition with dietary and gentle exercise recommendations that have given me strength and assisted me greatly.’ 

Armorel Weston

Pressure being applied during a massage

  Discover how Shiatsu bodywork can create meaningful change & restore you to pain free balance. 
Visit me today to learn more about this powerful way of treating problems that regular massage just can't fix!

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