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Shiatsu My Zen Challenge

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A Western approach to health identifies and isolates a physical problem or condition. It applies intellect, analysis and factual knowledge of a particular pathology in order to treat in a specific manner any disease or illness.

This can be extremely effective.

However this framework in understanding a clients particular health imbalance would impede effective Shiatsu diagnosis & treatment! Effective Shiatsu occurs outside the boundaries of the Western approach to the body. Alternative healing by definition has to ‘see’ the person/body in an entirely different way.

Along with an extensive holistic consultation, I apply soft focus & observe the physical areas of deep and elusive ‘kyo’ and need within a client…….a clarity of quiet confidence in ones healing practice is needed to identify the weakness, the emptiness of the particular imbalance, rather than leaning toward treating the more apparent and obvious areas of tightness, inflammation or ‘jitsu’.

Treating meridians of the body, using the techniques taught by my Shiatsu training and experience. I must be fully, intuitively present. My challenge, as Bruce Lee famously said, is ‘Do not think. Feel.’ I enter into an energetic exchange with a receiver who I truly ‘meet’. The focus is almost predestined and the Shiatsu delivered can seem like a well-known ally. An effortless dance of energy and inquiry that guides to hold and move and stop and be in a place in another’s body where doors are opened, balance is restored and where the ebb and flow of breath (Chi) returns to a muscle or limb or nerve just like the balance of tidal water coming and going beats a natural rhythm on a shore.

It is in these treatments where my clients feeds back that their Shiatsu has been most effective: pain has been alleviated, insomnia conquered, stress dissipated, tensions relieved, aches subsided and the general business of a body’s own healing work can be resumed!

The challenge then is to inhabit this quiet confidence in whatever skill we have, in whatever field we practice, be it in Shiatsu, our daily work, parenting, exercise/sport, performing or creating. To truly feel the unconscious knowing of a thing, the hard to trust, difficult to prove or sometimes even to explain?

Our brightest moments lie here.

This elusive space is the truth of healing and also fully being. When we can exist in our own personal place of quiet confidence and can settle there, we have arrived! This is our intuition, our faith or inner knowledge. It comes before thought or word or self-doubt……it is where our truth resides.

This is home, our place of transformation.

It is the palace of the self, where I believe almost anything is possible!

Be there fully in strength & sweetness.

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