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A massage in progress


Shiatsu treatment is given through loose clothing and offered on a futon using

specially designed body support cushions.


I am a fully qualified, insured Shiatsu practitioner with over 12 years of experience, practising in a variety of healthcare settings. I completed an intensive three-year study programme, whilst also having over 20 years of experience offering Swedish body massage. 

My interests lie in preventative healthcare & wellbeing stemming from traditional health systems. 


Shiatsu utilises a range of techniques to free up muscular skeletal impingements, using joint rotations, stretches, palming and finger pressure. It is relaxing and energising bodywork, using the receiver's breath to assist the free flow of energy, redressing balance and assisting the body's alignment. It has found to be highly effective in treating a variety of disorders from muscular fatigue, back & shoulder problems, and stress,  to digestive and respiratory concerns, trapped nerves and a wide host of other ailments and injuries. 


 I am also trained to offer dietary & lifestyle advice, often recommending exercises and supportive physical practices between sessions to effect the best possible treatment outcomes for my clients. 

Esme Yoga provides Shiatsu massages in Yeoford, get in touch today!


"After a series of Shiatsu treatments with you (having received the diagnosis of a prolapsed womb) I can honestly say my energy has increased and my overall symptoms have dramatically improved. I was determined to seek alternative health options and you have advised and treated me with great sensitivity. As well as spot on bodywork, you have supported my condition with dietary and gentle exercise recommendations that have given me strength and assisted me greatly.’ 

Armorel Weston

Pressure being applied during a massage

  Discover how Shiatsu bodywork can create meaningful change & restore you to pain free balance. 
Visit me today to learn more about this powerful way of treating problems that regular massage just can't fix!

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