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Amazing Holistic Products Coming Soon!

Lovingly crafted sustainable pure essential oil blends created using the combined sciences of 

'5 Element Theory', Kinesiology, Chakra & Aromatherapy.

Designed to uplift & centre you!

Their 5 unique natures offer distinctly different restorative & rebalancing actions. Working directly on vibrational, seasonal & constitutional levels to deeply fortify your souls spirit.

Each Element spray powerfully supporting you in the face of life’s challenges.....

To purchase YOUR energetic SOUL ELEMENT spray, please complete the required diagnostic form.

Your individually prescribed scent will then be identified & mailed to you.... 

5 Healing Prana Aura Sprays

Soul Elements Bottles
Soul Elements Wood

WOOD "I Am Forgiving"

For your roots, securing your resilient life force.

Returns inspiration & your decisive nature. 

Releases ANGER & frustration. 

Helps you to move forward flexibly with determination & hope.

WOOD evokes the zest of gazing through green leaves, yet offering the necessary strength at your base to truly ground your foundations.


Lime, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Basil & Vetivert.

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